Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy has been used to relieve back pain as early as 400 BC when Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, strung up a patient on a ladder with ropes and pulleys and allowed gravity to do its work.

Benefits include:

Reduce back pain Relieve stress
Improve circulation and lymph flow
Increase oxygen to the brain
Reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity

Not only can inversion therapy be used to treat back pain, but it also can be used as a method to reverse other negative effects that gravity has on your body. Inversion represents the Quiet Side of Fitness, helping your body to recover from the compressive effects of gravity and daily activities. Doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers recognize inversion as a safe and effective form of therapy for the spine and weight-bearing joints. In fact, the US Army is writing Inversion into its worldwide physical training manual that will be adopted for the new millennium.

Whatever your reason for inverting, Teeter Hang Ups® Inversion Equipment provides a safe and easy method to turn your world upside down