Complete Home Gym Design

Home Gym Design                                                

Cape Cod Fitness has considerable experience in the design and equipping for home gyms. Our superior product insight and extensive fitness expertise will ensure you get the most from your home gym investment. We provide optimal customer service before and after your purchase in designing your personal workout area. Equipment selection is based on your needs, your exercise history, your current fitness level and identified goals, the available space, your personal safety, and, of course, on achieving the desired results. 

Cape Cod Fitness is able to provide all equipment, wall coverings, custom flooring, mats, and mirrors for your new fitness room. We'll survey your surroundings and assess the space available, and at the same time, consult with you carefully to learn all we can about your needs, degree of motivation, and your budget. The result is a personally tailored design to fit your fitness goals. 

Cape Cod Fitness is proud of its gym designs. Our gyms reflect years of perfecting this craft, whether it's a band-and-ball gym or a high end workout environment. The point of the exercise, so to speak, is to meet our customer's needs in the most appropriate way possible.

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